With the 2016 NFL Draft less than twelve hours away, let’s take a look at some of the top players in the draft. According to numerous big boards, it looks like the first two picks of the draft will both be quarterbacks. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are projected to go to the Eagles and Rams but in which order? That’s the one thing nobody can agree on. Both the Eagles and Rams have played this one very close to the vest here. Some experts have Wentz being the number one overall pick and going to Los Angeles to start a new era over there. Others have Wentz going number two to Philadelphia, much to the dismay of Philly’s current starting quarterback, Sam Bradford.

No matter which order they’re taken in, Wentz and Goff seem likely to be the first two picks. The other eight picks in the top 10 aren’t as clear. Laremy Tunsil, who for a brief moment in time was projected to go first overall to Tennessee, has seen his fortunes dwindle as the Titans chose to trade the top overall pick. Now the question is, where does the left tackle go now? Still a consensus top 10 pick, Tunsil could go to any team with a long term need at left tackle. Teams like San Diego, who own the number three overall picks, and Baltimore seem like the most logical places for Tunsil to land. If he falls all the way to ten, it wouldn’t be surprising if the New York Giants took Tunsil but it wold be hard to see him fall that far. There has been a lot of talk about cornerback Jalen Ramsey. He’s been considered by many to be the best athlete in this year’s draft. He will easily be chosen in the top 10 and could be drafted by a team like Dallas who has a need at that position. Joey Bosa, defensive end from Ohio State, was once being compared to J.J. Watt. Oh how the mighty have fallen because now, some experts believe he can fall out of the top 10. Hard to see that happening with the importance of pass rushers in the NFL at an all time high. Bosa could find himself on a team like Jacksonville or San Francisco or even Tampa Bay if he falls all the way to nine. Last but not least, we take a look at Ezekiel Elliot. He has been called the most complete running back to come out of college in over a decade. Being praised for his ability to block in the passing game, catch out of the backfield, hit that second gear in the open field and possessing great vision, it seems like Elliot is a lock to have success in the NFL. However, after the ultimate bust a few years ago when Cleveland took running back Trent Richardson from Alabama third overall, there is a hesitance among NFL franchises to use a top 10 pick on a running back. Then again, Elliot’s talent may be too good to ignore.

Time will tell where these highly touted prospects will end up but for many NFL teams, the future starts today. The NFL draft begins at 8 p.m. ET.