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I’ve attached some trade scenarios with reasoning behind them, what the chances of the trade actually happening are, along with what would be the most realistic time of the trade occurring using the ESPN Trade Machine. Feel free to share and chime in.

Note: These are just some of my own ideas and not legitimate possibilities backed by sources!


This move would probably be done at the deadline. Chances it happens: 5%

Note: New York would also acquire a future protected 1st round pick from Minnesota in this deal.

This move gets Carmelo to Cleveland which is one of the few destinations he will probably wave his no trade clause for. It gives Cleveland a 4th superstar to try and matchup with the Warriors 4 superstars which is what makes it attractive to them. The downside is the negative impact it would probably have on their defense with Melo probably playing the 4 and Kevin Love playing the 5. For the Knicks, although it projects their win total to decrease by 10, it gives them a true point guard to facilitate the offense and get guys in positions to succeed while also giving them a younger and more athletic center than any of the options they have right now. This move probably relegates Joakim Noah to the bench which is not ideal given the fact that he just signed a 4 yr/$72 million contract this past offseason. However, with the youth and exuberance that both Rubio and Thompson can provide, it may be a pill worth swallowing. Minnesota has been very public with their shopping of Ricky Rubio. They are desperate for help on defense which both Shumpert and O’Quinn can provide. With the potential this team has, a future 1st round pick may not mean much to them in a couple of years so tossing it in the deal likely doesn’t hurt too bad.


This move would be done during the offseason. Chances it happens: 50%

Note: New York would acquire a future 1st round pick from Miami in this deal.

We all know Pat Riley likes to make a splash and doesn’t like to build through the draft. The Heat will likely have a top 5 pick in this year’s draft. I think they keep that pick. However, Riley doesn’t value picks as much as most executives so I don’t think he would have an issue attaching one to a deal that nets him Blake Griffin. Dragic has been shopped around before in Miami and I think they’d be willing to part with a young player like Justise Winslow for a superstar like Blake Griffin. For the Clippers, this would be a sign and trade with Blake. If they don’t advance to the Western Conference Finals this year, they need to blow it up. They would sign Blake to a 5 year max contract and ship him off to Miami for Carmelo. They also acquire Courtney Lee for Jamaal Crawford to help make the money work. This gives LA a younger and slightly less expensive player at the off guard position. Lee would also provide insurance if JJ Reddick walks this summer. For the Knicks, they acquire a very solid point guard in Dragic even though he’s a little older and not cheap. They also get a former Knick in Jamaal Crawford who’s still a good and flashy player. The other intrigue with Crawford is that he could be a free agent after the 2017-2018 season and the Knicks won’t have Courtney Lee on the books anymore so it gives them a little more financial flexibility in the future. They also acquire a solid young player in Justise Winslow and a future 1st round pick which could still be valuable if the Heat struggle at all.



This trade would occur during the offseason. Chances it happens: 15%

Note: The Knicks would also acquire one of the many future 1st round picks that the Celtics have. Also, Paul Pierce and Amir Johnson would not be going to the Knicks in this trade. I simply put them there to show that the money would work. Johnson will be a free agent and Paul Pierce will be retiring this summer which gives both Boston and LA the financial flexibility to make this trade.

For the Knicks, this would be the best deal they could make. They acquire a young small forward to take over for Melo in Jaylen Brown along with a still young and defensive minded combo guard in Marcus Smart to take over for Derrick Rose. Not to mention the future 1st round pick. For Boston, they would love to bring in another superstar. To have DeAndre Jordan in the middle for them frees up Al Horford to play his natural position at the power forward spot. Marcus Smart hasn’t developed offensively the way the Celtics thought and Jaylen Brown is off to a somewhat slow start in his NBA career and Boston is a team trying to win sooner rather than later. Boston also makes this trade without surrendering either one of the Brooklyn picks which opens to door to more trade possibilities for them. For LA, I think they’d prefer to keep Jordan over Blake if Carmelo comes in which is why I put the percentage it happens lower than the Blake trade I created. However, I think they’d be more willing to swap Jordan for Anthony straight up than they would be willing to swap Blake for Anthony straight up. Ultimately, I think this trade is unlikely, but it could make sense for each team.

Well, there you have it folks. Three trade scenarios that feature Carmelo Anthony leaving New York. As you can see, there are only two teams that I think Melo would wave his no trade clause for. Which one is most realistic? Which one would you like to see? Do you have any scenarios of your own that you’d like to throw in there? Post it in the comments. I’d love to hear the feedback.


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